Travel with us To Curb Illiteracy and Corruption

A Very warm welcome to you for visiting our site. We are a group of music enthusiasts trying to create fresh and good music and help other budding artists to promote their music online.

JAAGRITHI is a Musical Awareness Event conceptualized and organized by Singing Skylarks (, an NGO working since 2006 for the betterment of the society. Singing Skylarks is an NGO working on Reviving Education, Creating Employment, Reducing Corruption and Curbing Poverty in the society. The NGO has worked on all the above objects through its various programs and projects in the last 5 years such as Education Sponsors for Poor and deserving students, Mobile Library for Government Schools, Betterment of backward villages and Go Green programs in association with various Corporates. The entire list of projects executed till date are available in the website.

Jaagrithi CD Pouch-Front

We are a group of Engineers, Musicians and professionals having a great passion in music as well. The group consists of varied artists including wonderful singers having 20 + years of experience in music, instrumentalists having 10 + years of experience in hindustani, carnatic and western classical.

Your contribution not only helps the artists who have contributed in this album to come up with more tracks which are better, but also will help a child in need.

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